Kitchen remodeling 101

Hello there! Someone suggested I write an article on what it is like blogging for a Company. I absolutely loved the idea and thought I would give it a shot but first I am going to give you a little of my background. My name is Charity and I have been apart of the Home Love Construction Family for almost 2 years now. I am the Office Assistant, so I help out with the paperwork in the Office and answer phones that sort of thing. I have little knowledge on Construction and Interior Design. So when they asked me to start a blog I was a bit hesitant because I thought I was under qualified but I decided to give it shot. I started researching what running a blog actually requires. If writing is something that interests you and you have always wanted to start a blog I am here to tell you it is easier than expected. I have gathered some tips that I have learned that I think are great guidelines to start blogging with.

  1. Start the blog

I think the most important part is to start. No, it will not be perfect but it will get better with time. A lot of the times it is too easy to get stuck in the research and development phase. Take a leap of faith and learn as you go.

2. Have a Theme

The Remodel Blog’s theme is anything to do with a home which for us is anything remodeling, Interior Design, tips for the home like proper care and DIYS. Let’s say you weren’t sure what you wanted to have a theme about then I would suggest having a lifestyle blog write about the things you do, clothes you wear, and the recipes you eat. Write about what interests you because there is definitely a market for it..

3. Research What You Are Writing About

It is always a good a idea to try to learn as much as possible about a topic that is being written about. My goal here is to inspire you and inform you. If I wrote an article about a specific product and did little to no research I risk misinforming you. I like to keep things general though because things can vary place to place. For example I use average ranges when talking about the price of a specific product.

4. Bring On The Creativity

The things I like to do are keep it easy to read, engaging and appealing to the eye. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. Individuality is embraced is the blogging community. Just remember the most important thing is to have fun with it.

Brad Bachand